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Gli Artigiani del Riposo was established in January 2018. The main purpose of the company is the production and marketing, both retail and wholesale, of its own and third-party textile and furniture items, and in particular:

  • memory foam mattresses or with springs and / or other ecological material of any other natural and artificial fiber
  • pillows, bed bases, mattress covers, mattress cloths, semi-finished products, armchairs, sofa beds, furniture and home furnishings;
  • related and complementary accessory items inherent to the aforementioned points, as well as several products and services relating to home furnishings.

Currently our factory has about 3000 square meters for a stock and manufacturing of mattresses, components and semi-finished products for customers, expanding the corporate purpose.
With the arrangement and adaptation of the premises, both of the production and part of the offices, with the purchase of equipment, with a modern computer network in the office area, and with the hiring of professionally prepared personnel, in September 2019, it was possible to start the production of most of the products sold on their own.
Customers turn to Gli Artigiani del Riposo srl especially for the external part of the mattresses, the true CORE BUSINESS of the company. These products, also called COVERS or ENVELOPES, are equipped with a zipper, completely removable, and can be dry cleaned or machine washed according to the technical characteristics of the raw materials used. These are popular products, both in Italy and abroad, for the quality of the materials and packaging precision.


Our ethics lead us to share long-term values ​​with stakeholders through our commitment to improvement, transparency, sustainability and personal development.
We believe in talented people who build a culture based on trust that unites them around a mission focused on customers to whom we are always reliable and responsible.
We act with determination, commitment, responsibility and we put our heart and mind into it.
We are attentive to the needs of each individual customer, we listen, observe, learn to improve our skills on a daily basis to be reactive to changes and act quickly.
We consider the territory in which we operate not only a geographical dimension, but above all the main social and environmental wealth to be respected and protected.
We are constantly engaged in the responsible management of natural resources, in the improvement of our results, in the use of increasingly efficient technologies and with low environmental impact.


We want to be a point of reference for quality and healthy sleep. An innovative company that offers the best products and the culture of healthy rest and that, thanks to this, grows and becomes a renowned manufacturer. Our vision guides every aspect of our business, on a path of sustainable growth, quality and respect for people. People are inspired to give their best in an ideal work environment, where efficiency, responsibility, dynamism, inspiration, creativity, passion and the pursuit of perfection are the guidelines for offering quality products, capable of anticipating and satisfying desires and needs. We hire and grow the best talent, we have mutual respect and trust, we support each other and promote a satisfying working environment. Our every action is attentive to the environment, we try to do our part by choosing natural raw materials, differentiate processing waste, and by encouraging correct recycling.


Our main commitment is to create value for B2C and B2B customers, making a noticeable difference by offering a unique "experience", which are worth living and repeat, which gives pleasure and gratification.
We want to inspire moments of serenity, optimism and happiness, pleasing the lovers of excellent products, using the best raw materials that Nature can give us, enhanced by the most innovative technologies.
We want to have enthusiastic customers who tell their enthusiasm,
creating experiences and products that are beautiful, well made and affordable for EVERYONE, working efficiently to satisfy their needs and wishes.

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Gli Artigiani del Riposo srl

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